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YouTube is expanding its Creator Music feature, announced last year, with new AI features in addition to the launch of an AI-dubbing tool. Currently, creators can use Creator Music to search for songs, a specific artist or a music genre they want to use in a video. Now, they’ll be able to leverage AI tools to make finding music easier.

Starting early next year, YouTube will launch a new feature that will work like a music concierge by just typing in a description of the video.

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For example, the creator could type information about the length or type of the song they’re looking for and the Creator Music tool will suggest the right track at the right price.

The Creator Music dashboard was initially designed to allow creators to search for songs they have in mind or browse by collections, genres or moods, and then view the associated licensing costs. Creators can search for tracks based on a budget they have set for their project. They can choose to either buy a license after reviewing the terms or opt into a rev share agreement.

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In addition, YouTube will introduce an AI-dubbing tool called Aloud, which will be integrated into YouTube Studio. The tool only takes one click to get an AI-generated dub in another language, which the creator can then review before adding it into their video. This tool is testing with select creators now and will open up more broadly next year.

YouTube had previously announced at VidCon its plans to integrate Aloud with YouTube.

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The feature was announced at YouTube’s live event “Made on YouTube” this morning, alongside other AI features, including a generative AI feature for Shorts and other tools, including a new creator app.


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