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YouTube is rolling out a new set of features for better mobile-based playback, song search, and creator-friendly tools, including a feature that will highlight the “like and subscribe” buttons when a creator utters those words.

The company is making it easier for users to increase playback speed. With the new update, users can just tap and hold anywhere on the player to increase the speed to 2x, and once they reach the part they want they can let go.

Additionally, when you are seeking the video to go back or go forward during the scrub bar and want to go back to the place you started, YouTube will indicate the point with a vibration.

Image Credits: Google

Google is also introducing a feature called stable volume — which can be toggled through the playback settings menu —  to reduce sudden differences in the volume in a clip. This feature was launched in test mode on several platforms in July.

Google stable volume

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In August, YouTube started testing a feature that let users find a song by humming the tune. With the new set of updates, users will be able to find a song by playing, singing, or humming.

YouTube is now letting users search a song by playing, singing, or humming it

YouTube is now letting users search for a song by playing, singing, or humming it Image Credits: YouTube

For YouTube users accessing the service through the company’s mobile and tablet apps, the company is rolling out a screen lock feature to avoid accidental taps. To unlock the screen, you can tap and hold onto the lock icon.

A lock mode to avoid accidental tocuhes on the screen

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YouTube said today that it is combining the Library tab and account page into a new “You” tab. The new tab will include previously watched videos, playlists, downloads, and purchases along with account and channel information. The page also allows you to quicky switch between accounts.

YouTube has a new You tab combining Library and account page.

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If you spend hours on YouTube, you must have heard creators say “hit like and subscribe” many times. Now, the company is turning this into a feature. So when the person in the video utters these words, YouTube will highlight these buttons with a visual cue in sync. YouTube didn’t specify if users will be able to turn this off, as constantly looking at the animation that highlights the subscribe button could be distracting.

Hit "like and subscribe" is now a feature

Image Credits: YouTube

Additionally, to help creators engage with viewers, YouTube will rotate top comments continuously. Plus, for new videos, there will be a new animation and live video count update for the first 24 hours.

Google is also updating the video description menu with additional details on smart TVs. Earlier, the details page took over the whole screen. Now things such as the video description, comments, and the subscribe button will be tucked in a neat vertical menu accessible when you tap the video title.

Image Credits: Google

With these new features, YouTube has shifted its focus back to playback and search enhancements. In the last few months, the company has been concentrating on rolling out AI-powered and Short-focused features such as summaries for videos, Collab and Q&As, and TikTok-styled short video feed. Last month, it added creator tools to help them find the right music for their videos and easily add dubs.


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