XRP Woes: How Might Its Price Respond to Current Realities?

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XRP experienced a surge after Ripple Labs’ recent legal win against the US Securities and Exchange Commission, marking a partial victory. Nonetheless, the pace of this upswing has moderated in recent weeks, encountering notable resistance and initiating a downward trajectory.

With the latest data from CoinGecko, the XRP value registers at $0.658512. This shows a 1.1% contraction over the preceding 24 hours and a notable seven-day decline of 7.4%.

During the height of its price surge after Ripple Labs’ legal breakthrough, its coin encountered a rejection near the $0.95 threshold. This particular zone mirrors the level it reached back in March 2022 during its bearish decline.

This prompts the question of whether XRP is retracing its steps into a former range or if this constitutes a mere temporary retreat within an ongoing upward trend.

XRP Dampening Sentiment

Further impacting the prevailing sentiment around XRP, US District Judge Jed Rakoff has invalidated the approach taken in last month’s ruling concerning the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple Labs.

According to an XRP price analysis, the cryptocurrency has reached its zenith and is now poised to revisit its previous resistance level. Nonetheless, several crucial factors necessitate consideration beforehand.

XRP is currently trading at the upper threshold of the expansive Bollinger Bands. While this signifies the potential for a retracement, it also signifies amplified volatility, indicating that any forthcoming pullback might manifest as notably severe.

XRP price at $0.65 on the daily chart: TradingView.com

Furthermore, the Stochastic RSI illustrates that XRP has surged to the overbought threshold at 80. This suggests a corrective pullback is probable, given that the market’s buying strength is waning.

Traders Turn To New Coin As Alternative

Amid the recent challenges faced by XRP, numerous traders have shifted their focus toward an emerging alternative – XRP20. This new option has garnered attention due to its modest market capitalization and unique advantages that set it apart from the original XRP coin.

According to insights shared by analyst Jacob Bury, XRP20 holds significant potential for a price surge, leveraging the ongoing situation with XRP. The conventional XRP project has faced criticism for its centralized nature and the over-the-counter sales of XRP conducted by its founders.

In contrast, XRP20 stands out as a fully community-owned venture. It has allotted 40% of its tokens for presale, another 40% for staking rewards, earmarked 10% for DEX liquidity and plans to burn the remaining 10%. The coin is not affiliated with Ripple, XRP or their ecosystem, its website says.

One of the distinctive features of XRP20 lies in its extensive marketing achievements. The project has gained notable coverage from various prominent media outlets, contributing to a successful presale round that raised a substantial $300K in two days. This rapid fundraising underscores the growing interest and enthusiasm surrounding the coin within the trading community.

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