The UK hasn’t lost its appeal for venture capital

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Not dead yet: This is true both of the U.K.’s capacity to attract venture capital dollars, and of the promise of autonomous cars. — Anna

Still leading

VC firm Atomico projects that the amount of venture capital invested in European startups this year will be 52% lower than in 2021. I already wrote about these findings, but there’s a key nuance to the information that we haven’t unpacked yet: discrepancies between countries.

While the slowdown is visible across Europe, Atomico noted that Dealroom and Crunchbase data on capital invested during the first half of this year shows a steeper year-on-year decline in the U.K. than in other leading European countries.

Compared to France and Germany, where tallies are respectively 55% and 44% lower than in H1 2022, the U.K. fell further: 57%.


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