Space startup bags $50M to fight climate change with satellites

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Space startup Open Cosmos will accelerate its mission to protect our planet after raising $50mn in a new funding round.

The UK-based company uses satellites to tackle environmental issues. By tapping AI, sensors, and Earth Observation (EO) imagery, the probes provide unique insights into climate change.

These findings can shine new light on global temperatures, greenhouse gases, polar ice caps, sea level changes, natural disasters, and deforestation. Scientists can then use the data in damage mitigation programmes.

Rafel Jordá Siquier, Open Cosmos’ CEO and founder, told TNW that sustainability is at the core of the company.

“I’ve always believed that space data holds the key to building a more resilient and sustainable world enabling us to better understand, predict and react to different challenges and make informed decisions,” he said.

“These detailed global views, combined with advanced data visualisation tools, provide organisations all around the world with the insights they need to make changes that, in time, will better protect our planet.” 

A photo of Rafel Jorda Siquier, founder and CEO of Open Cosmos