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Google is updating Pixel Buds Pro this fall with features like conversation detection — which is similar to Apple’s conversation awareness features for AirPods — listening stats and support for Bluetooth Super Wideband for better sound quality on calls.

The company announced at its Pixel event today that the Pixel Buds Pro uses AI to detect when you start speaking and reduces the background noise by switching to the transparency mode. Once you’re done talking music resumes and the buds switch back to active noise cancellation mode.

In a recent interview with TechCrunch, an Apple exec said that the Conversational Awareness feature, which was rolled out through the iOS 17 update, uses the movement of jaws through an accelerometer to detect talking, apart from using the mic to pick up sound. It’s not clear if Google is using similar techniques.

The new Pixel Buds Pro update also makes the earbuds compatible with Bluetooth Super Wideband. The company claims that if you use them with a Pixel phone, your voice quality for calls will be better for the other person because of the extra bandwidth.

Google is also rolling out a low-latency gaming mode, which cuts audio latency in half for select games. Competitors such as OnePlus have had a low latency mode for their earbuds when paired with their own phones for a while.

The company is also rolling out listening stats for you to know how loud you have been listening to music, with suggestions to lower the volume. Additionally, Google is releasing a Pixel Buds Pro web app for Chromebooks to let you change settings or install firmware updates.

While there is no Pixel Buds Pro sequel this year, Google is releasing two new colors — Bay and Porcelain — for the earbuds.

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