New AI tool promises to rig and animate static models in moments

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Anything World, a 3D content creation startup, has launched a new AI tool that rapidly rigs and animates static models.

The product, named Animate Anything, aims to democratise 3D animation and game development.

To use the tool, creators can upload any version of their own static 3D model. After a few steps to check the rig, mesh, and rotation, a fully-animated 3D model will emerge.

“It’s unique to them and won’t be seen anywhere else, so they can fully own their creation visually,” Jermaine Bouyea-Romeo, a 3D artist at Anything World, told TNW.

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The new tool expands the animation system being built by Anything World.

Since the London-based startup was founded in 2019, companies ranging from Ubisoft to Ministry of Sound have used the tech to create digital experiences.

Animate Anything being used to rig a 3D model