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Landing, the community-powered social platform where users create and publish virtual mood boards and collages, today launched a mobile feature called “Creation,” allowing users to express their creativity on the go.

Previously only available on the web app, Creation is arguably the most popular tool amongst Landing’s 275,000+ users since it lets them create mood boards from scratch, add shoppable links, access the community library of over 4.5 million images, upload their own images, as well as use other basic editing capabilities like rotate, undo, redo, delete, layering and more.

Landing launched its iOS app in March, which only let mobile users create simple grids with five images and had no way of rotating assets or moving them around besides a shuffle button that randomly organized them.

Now, they can add as many images as they want and manipulate items to their heart’s content; users are able to pinch the screen to make an image look smaller or larger, move an item underneath another one, and so forth. Users can also change the background and add visual design elements, such as text, shapes, and icons.

“The most hardcore feedback we’ve gotten from our community over the last year is that they desperately want this flexible, creative tool on mobile,” co-founder Ellie Buckingham told TechCrunch.

Buckingham added that because Landing wanted to push out the feature as quickly as possible, it will only have the “basic tooling” at launch rather than the full functionality that exists on the web. For instance, mobile users are unable to upload images or add shoppable links to mood boards—two helpful features for small businesses and brands looking to promote their products on the platform. Landing plans to update the feature soon.

However, she also noted that Creation is a cross-platform tool, meaning users can add images to the platform via the web app and then use them on mobile. There’s also an option to save a mood board in drafts, so users who want to make their content on the go can wait until they have access to the web to add their shoppable link.

Currently, the Creation feature is only available on iOS devices and desktops. Landing recently launched its beta app in the Google Play Store a few weeks ago; however, the company plans to test Creation on iOS first before rolling it out to Android devices.

Image Credits: Landing

Mobile users may have also noticed a ChatGPT feature in Creation called “GlitterBot,” which generates daily horoscopes or an inspirational snapshot of the day. For instance, it will say things like “Hey there, shimmering soul! Today’s cosmic tides splash you with endless joy and a vibrant zest for life.” Essentially, it’s a poetic description that users can post alongside their mood board. GlitterBot is currently in beta.

Landing says it also leverages AI as a “creative sidekick” through image tagging and image recommendations.

Founded by Buckingham and Miri Buckland, Landing initially launched in 2021 as a home design platform but evolved into a collage maker for Gen Z. The platform has a similar vibe to Pinterest’s Shuffles app and the now-defunct Polyvore, allowing users to be inspired and tap into their self-expression.

There are tons of possibilities on Landing, like using it as an aesthetically pleasing visual diary, planning out outfits, or creating presentation slides, graphics for social media, virtual vision boards, and more. Users can also chat with other users via the community spaces tab.


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