How generative AI can democratize content creation across the enterprise

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Generative AI for enterprises is rapidly becoming a competitive differentiator. One of its most transformative powers is its impact on content creation and productivity, explained Anna Griffin, CMO at Commvault, in a conversation with May Habib, CEO and co-founder of at VB Transform 2023.

“I realized the power of what ChatGPT was going to do in the name of synthesizing, time to insights, quickly bringing in market points of view to areas like marketing where there could be a lot of time, a lot of money, a lot of energy spent,” Griffin said. “It becomes a very complementary tool to a go-to-market model. I was intrigued instantly. In that moment, I thought that this marketing organization is going to own gen AI in our go-to-market. We’re going to own how to do this and how to do this well and right.”

Griffin reached out to Writer in order to implement a company-wide solution that could transform the way Commvault works.

“We knew we would tackle a pretty aggressive series of use cases, because we were launching a new product, repositioning our brand, changing our narrative,” Griffin said. “All of these things produce a massive amount of content.”

Democratizing content creation

With their generative AI solution, they were able to create the content they needed rapidly, including co-writing and custom writing blogs from scratch, to prospecting emails for the sales force, web pages and more. The data was trained to understand the messages the company wants to tell in the market, and syncing it with the company’s SEO strategy, and keep up the cadence of their content creation.

“Even though I deeply believe in the art of advertising, I love the tool’s ability to just generate ideation,” she said. “There’s something so interesting about the tool, particularly when you’re launching and you’re forming your messaging, what you’re going to be, how we’re going to take it to market. The tool ideates with you. You’re feeding it. It’s throwing out suggestions.”

And it’s not just a powerful marketing tool — it’s a vital tool for users across the organization. Since it’s able to ensure that the right voice and message is standard across the organization, users without technical writing skills can easily produce the content they need in company style.

It’s also invaluable in the strategy planning phase and customer case studies, able to synthesize content from interviews and discussions across multiple teams, boiling it down to an analysis of the customer, their pain point, and their perspective on the market, the product and competitors.

“You can roll it up into an executive summary of the whole piece,” she said. “That saves hours and hours. It will also inevitably save the industry a ton of money. I still believe in the art of research and researchers, but the price that you pay in synthesizing and analyzing comes in time and money. It was a huge asset there as well.”

What’s deeply important is that it be human-led AI, human-trained AI, she added. Though it will replace some jobs, because content has always been king, and this is a tool for content creation at a massive scale, it’s critical that a human controls and supervises the process from start to finish.


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