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Yes, there are clear concerns about AI’s potential for auto-generating disinformation. But as a tool for creatives to better create, AI is having its moment. And the AI-driven tools designed to assist creators in producing their podcast are clearly on a roll.

Podcastle, a full-service podcasting platform which we covered when it raised $7 million in a round led by RTP Global and Point Nine Capital, is today joining the trend with a new tool it calls Magic Dust AI.

The generative AI-driven tool can take a pretty ordinary or low-quality audio file and give it a near-studio-quality sheen, by eliminating background noise, enhancing its dynamic range and giving the speaker a more “professional mic” sound. The startup even claims it can take recordings from Apple AirPods and give them a professionally-sounding recording.

For podcasts that also feature video, the platform is also now offering a tool to add “Cinematic Blur” for a more professional look.

Since 2021, the startup says its user base has grown from 150,000 to over million, producing over 12 million podcast episodes and pieces of content.

Podcastle previously launched a facility to allow podcasters to create an AI clone of their own voice with its Revoice product.

But Podcastle isn’t the only one offering AI tools.

Substack recently introduced new AI-powered tools that are designed to make podcasting on the platform easier, allowing creators to generate transcripts and audiograms.

Podium is intended to speed up the post-production of podcasts significantly, allowing creators to quickly create transcripts, highlights, chapters and show notes with episode summaries. has AI-powered show notes, titles and descriptions.

The list goes on, and despite some thinking there are too many podcasts these days, many of which are dominated by celebrities, the growth seems to be here to stay.

In 2023 the global podcast audience reached 464.7 million, a figure set to rise to 504.9 million by 2024, according to Demand Sage.

And these new AI tools are pushing at an open door. Among the 207 million content creators worldwide, 32% cite podcast editing and production as one of the top three hurdles when considering podcast creation, according to a survey of 2,500 aspiring podcasters.

The more the AI tools take off, the easier it will be for these wannabe-Joe Rogans to get their content out.


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