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Powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, the AI browser Aria launched on Opera in May to give users an easier way to search on the web, ask questions and write code. Today, the company announced it is bringing Aria to Opera GX, a version of the flagship Opera browser that is built for gamers.

With this new feature, Opera GX users can interact directly with a browser AI to find the latest gaming news and tips. The company provided some examples of how gamers can leverage the AI, such as asking it for Baldur’s Gate character ideas or the release date for the highly anticipated video game Starfield.

Notably, Aria is connected to the internet, so users get updated information in real time. Additionally, Aria on Opera GX is linked to the AI Prompts feature that Opera rolled out in March. The feature lets users generate AI prompts, summarize articles or webpages, write social media posts and so on.

Opera GX is also introducing a new command line for users to display a sidebar where they can instantly interact with Aria and then go back to browsing. The keyboard shortcut for Windows is Ctrl + /, and for Mac, it’s Cmd + /.

Aria is currently in beta and only available for Opera GX users with the Early Bird feature, which can be enabled in settings. (Early Bird installs the latest available builds before being released to the public).

To use Aria, users must also enable “Aria Extension” and “Aria Command Line.”

Aria is available in over 180 countries. It currently has more than one million beta users.


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