Facebook puts more emphasis on video again with new discovery and editing tools

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Facebook announced new video-related features today ranging from editing to discovery to make the platform competitive with YouTube and TikTok. It is also renaming its “Watch” tab to “Video” tab to unify all its video experiences under one place.

The company is porting editing tools for Reels to videos for the main feed — this way, people can create short and long videos from one place. Meta is rolling out these tools to Meta Business Suite users already. Additionally, the company is releasing additional editing features, such the ability to adjust speed, reverse, or replace a clip. Meta is also introducing support for HDR videos on Reels — both video uploading and playback.

Image Credits: Meta

For audio, Facebook is making it easier to find the right audio track, reduce noise, and record a voiceover on top of a video.

The social network is also rebranding its “Watch” tab to “Video,” which will now include all visual content from Reels to long-form content and live videos. Users will be able to scroll vertically to jump from one video to another, but there will also be a carousel with horizontal scrolling to go through different Reels. Meta says the “Video” section will be on the top bar on the Android app and the bottom bar on the iOS app.

Facebook's new video tab interface

Image Credits: Meta

Facebook launched Facebook Watch in 2018 as the company’s answer to YouTube’s success. However, it has gone through many transformation. For example, programs like Watch Party — which allowed groups to see videos together — shut down. Earlier this year, the company also winded down its original programming division. Last year, Facebook also decied to shutter live video products like shopping and game streaming.

In addition to this video-focused feed of videos, users will be able to access an explore page behind the search button. When users tap on it, they will see different hashtags and topic with related short and long videos.

Facebook's new video explore page

Image Credits: Meta

Meta has been allowing creators to cross-post Reels between Instagram and Facebook for a while. Now, it will let users comment on Instagram Reels they watch on Facebook through video discovery. Users will be able to do this by adding both their account in the Accounts Center.

Over the last few months, Meta has made an effort to make Reels a more popular video format across Facebook and Instagram. In March, Facebook expanded Reels’ limit from 60 seconds to 90 seconds per clip. While the company stopped offering bonuses to creators for making Reels on Facebook and Instagramr, it started testing a performance-based ad revenue sharing program in May.

Now, the Blue app is trying to consolidate its video products with this new rollout. While Facebook is encouraging discovery of long-form videos with these new features, it hasn’t made any new announcement when it comes to creator compensation.

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