Ethereum Path To $1,700 – Predictions For The Week Ahead

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Ethereum (ETH) enthusiasts have found a glimmer of hope in the recent bullish reversal as the entire crypto market appears to be headed for recovery. The second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization experienced a significant upturn, clawing its way back from the $1,550 support level just last week. 

At the time of writing, ETH is trading at $1,655 according to CoinGecko, showcasing a commendable 5% uptick. This surge has bolstered investor confidence, prompting them to set their sights on challenging the overhead resistance trendline.

Battling The Resistance: A Critical Juncture

The current phase in Ethereum’s price dynamics is marked by a descending resistance trendline. Over the past two months, the cryptocurrency has encountered this formidable resistance barrier twice, both instances leading to a sharp downturn in price. This pattern underscores the resurgence of selling pressure whenever the price nears this elusive boundary.

Analysts are closely monitoring the situation, suggesting that should ETH breach the September 18 low of $1,610, it could open the floodgates for bears to push the asset below the $1,550 floor. Such a scenario could set the trajectory towards the $1,460 mark, representing a potential decline of 9.5%. The battle with overhead resistance remains a pivotal juncture for Ethereum, with both bulls and bears on edge.

ETH market cap currently at $195 billion. Chart:

Ethereum: Blockspace Profitability 

Activity on the Ethereum network has dwindled, leading to September shaping up as the first month to post significant losses since the proof-of-stake upgrade. Throughout the month, Ethereum’s blockspace has recorded only one day of profitability, with losses accumulating to a staggering $15.9 million as of Monday.

Source: Blockworks Analytics

Meanwhile, this transformation in blockspace profitability aligns with an expansion in Ethereum’s circulating supply, which has increased by approximately 8,900 ETH this month, as reported by


Ethereum’s price battle at the resistance trendline may determine its short-term fate, while the concerning decline in blockspace profitability highlights broader challenges for the network.

ETH investors and enthusiasts are keenly observing these developments, hoping for a resurgence in both price and blockchain activity to regain their confidence in the platform’s future.

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