Cycles Peugeot unveils new e-bike range amid growing demand for green transport

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Cycles Peugeot has unveiled a new range of “digital” e-bikes designed to meet the increasing demand for cleaner, greener, healthier (and sometimes quicker) modes of urban mobility.

In 2022, the European market for electrically-assisted bicycles reached a record 5.5 million units sold, representing an annual growth of 8.6%. One in every four bikes sold in Europe last year was electric. 

Cycles Peugeot, which branched out from the popular French car brand over 100 years ago, will launch “several new innovative models” in late 2023 and early 2024 to cater to this growing market.  

Of the new range, details and renders of three have been disclosed: a city commuter e-bike, a long-tail cargo e-bike, and a front-loader cargo e-bike.