Bitcoin Price Sprint To $40,000 – Is It Happening Now?

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As the price of Bitcoin surges with its sights set on breaching the $40,000 mark, a wave of optimism is sweeping through the crypto community. 

Blockchain data from Santiment offers a glimpse into the fervor and growing confidence among traders, largely fueled by the anticipation of a potential green light for a Bitcoin spot exchange-traded fund (ETF) in the United States.

This week, the leading cryptocurrency reached a significant milestone by scaling heights slightly above $35,000 for the first time in 2023.

With a solid support level at $33,000, traders have been consistently building new positions, anticipating yet another breakout beyond the $35,000 threshold.

The current Bitcoin price, according to CoinGecko, stands at $34,750, with a 24-hour rise of 2.0% and an impressive seven-day rally of 23.2%.

The climb beyond $35,000 is a crucial juncture. A successful retest of this resistance level could potentially confirm a path toward the $40,000 mark.

This move might signify the commencement of a pre-halving rally, a scenario that excites many Bitcoin enthusiasts.

BTC price action in the last seven days. Sourced: Coingecko

Investors Load Up On Bitcoin Ahead Of Bull Market

James V. Straten, a research and data analyst, sheds light on the mounting enthusiasm among investors as they eagerly accumulate BTC in preparation for the impending bull market.

Over the past 30 days, holders across various categories, including miners and exchanges, have absorbed a staggering 103,000 Bitcoin, according to Straten.

The prevailing sentiment is unequivocally bullish, with a growing consensus that a spot Bitcoin ETF listing in the United States is becoming increasingly likely. Darius Tabatabai, the co-founder of decentralized exchange Vertex Protocol, commented on this prospect, stating:

“Sentiment is clearly bullish as more and more signs start to reveal what appears to be a likely, imminent listing for a spot Bitcoin ETF in the US.”

Bitcoin moving past the halfway mark to $35K. Chart:

Adding Fuel To Crypto Fire

Matthew J. Maley, the chief market strategist at Miller Tabak + Co., LLC, in a Bloomberg report points out another factor contributing to the crypto rally: geopolitical tensions.

Maley believes that investors are beginning to see cryptocurrencies as an essential currency sooner than anticipated due to the escalating geopolitical conflicts worldwide.

He said:

“I think investors are thinking that the increase in geopolitical hotspots in the world is raising the odds crypto will be an important currency quicker than they thought previously.”

As Bitcoin continues its ascent, both speculative optimism and real-world events are converging to shape the narrative, leading many to believe that BTC’s journey beyond $40,000 may not be far off.

Whether it’s the promise of a Bitcoin ETF or the shifting landscape of global affairs, Bitcoin remains in the spotlight, attracting increased attention from a broad spectrum of investors.

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