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It’s hardware’s time to shine at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023! Granted, deciding what to include from such a rich category was a challenge. We persevered, and we’re thrilled to announce that the Hardware Stage agenda is complete!

The result is a broad scope of topics, representative of the state of hardware in 2023 and offering insight into where things are headed. It’s a solid cross section of categories, including robotics, crowdfunding and extended reality. Explore and enjoy, and we hope you’ll join us at the Hardware Stage!

The complete Hardware Stage agenda at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023

Augmented Reality Finds Its Focus

Even the most impressive technology can struggle to find its market. One of hardware’s most well funded startups, Magic Leap didn’t take the consumer world by storm. CEO Peggy Johnson has led the company’s pivot to focus on enterprise applications, launching a second-generation device and forging partnerships with enterprise players along the way. With Meta, HTC and now Apple vying for a piece of the market, has augmented reality’s moment finally arrived?

With Peggy Johnson, CEO, Magic Leap.

Empowering the Future

Marc Raibert and Gill Pratt go way back. Raibert founded MIT’s highly influential Leg Lab, while Pratt served as director. In recent years, the pair’s work has converged in fascinating ways. Pratt currently heads up the Toyota Research Institute, while Raibert runs the newly formed Boston Dynamics AI Institute. Both organizations are devoted to pure research in fields such as robotics, AI and automotive.

With Gill Pratt, chief scientist, Toyota Motor Corporation; and Marc Raibert, executive director, the AI Institute.

Automation Education

Alphabet X graduate Intrinsic was founded with a lofty goal: making programming robots accessible. The company is far from the first to tackle the problem, but it has a lot going for it, including Google’s immense resources. CEO Wendy Tan White joins us, along with Brian Gerkey, who joined the team when Intrinsic acquired Open Robotics in December.

With Brian Gerkey, director of Open Robotics, Intrinsic; and Wendy Tan White, CEO, Intrinsic.

Getting a Leg Up

Agility cracked the code on bipedal robots with its Digit system. Now it’s looking to put its technology to work. CEO Damion Shelton and CTO Melonee Wise will discuss why the company is taking a different approach to the wheel-dominated world of warehouse robotics.

With Damion Shelton, co-founder and CEO, Agility Robotics; and Melonee Wise, CTO, Agility Robotics.

What’s Next for Robotics

After conquering warehouses during the pandemic, what comes next for automation? Agriculture, construction and healthcare are all safe bets. Farm-ng’s Claire Delaunay, Dusty Robotics’ Tessa Lau and Diligent’s Andrea Thomaz will discuss where robots go from here.

With Claire Delaunay, COO, Farm-ng; Tessa Lau, founder and CEO, Dusty Robotics; and Andrea Thomaz, CEO, Diligent Robotics.

Crowdfunding the Future

For more than a decade, Kickstarter’s name has been synonymous with crowdfunding, but the last few years have brought their share of challenges for the platform. Everette Taylor, who stepped into the CEO role at the end of 2022, will discuss how the company is adapting to face the future.

With Everette Taylor CEO, Kickstarter.

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