AI startup launches ‘fastest data processing engine’ on the market

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Paris-based and female-founded AI startup Pathway has announced the general launch of its data processing engine. Reportedly, it is up to 90x faster than existing streaming solutions, and promises to be the “fastest data processing engine on the market.” 

The secret? A unique ability to mix batch and streaming logic in the same workflow, which lets the system forget things that are no longer useful. Basically, this means it can learn and react to changes in real-time — like humans. 

Traditionally, the complexity of building batch and streaming architectures has resulted in a division between the two approaches, says Pathway CEO and co-founder Zuzanna Stamirowska. 

This, she adds, has slowed down the adoption of data streaming for AI systems and fixed their intelligence at a moment in time. Not to mention the added complexity of a third workflow — generative AI. 

According to Stamirowska, there’s now a “critical need” for rapid data processing and more adaptable AI. “That’s why our mission has been to enable real-time data processing, while giving developers a simple experience regardless of whether they work with batch, streaming, or LLM systems,” she states.

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Photo of Zuzanna Stamirowska in garden