4 European travel hotspots for digital nomads

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It’s summertime and the peak holiday period is upon us. Global air travel looks set to return to its pre-Covid levels this year, representing a return to the air for both business travellers and holiday-makers. And, sometimes, travellers might tick both boxes.

Following the provisions made for remote working during the pandemic, more and more work is being done by distributed teams and remote workers. And while it’s commonly called “work from home”, remote work can really mean “work from anywhere” –– as long as there’s a good internet connection.

For employees allowed this level of flexibility, some attractive destinations are calling with the advent of digital nomad visas.

Digital nomad visas allow remote workers to set up a new home from home and work outside their country of employment. These temporary residence visas targeting mobile digital workers were first introduced in Europe, where they have become quite commonplace, attracting international professionals to come for long-term stays.

Here are four countries with a lot to offer digital nomads, and relatively simple processes to apply for a visa.

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The stunning Dalmatian coast is a popular tourist destination that recently found newfound fame as a central Game of Thrones filming location. The city of Dubrovnik is the closest to King’s Landing you’ll get in real life, and you can work there for a full year with the Croatian digital nomad visa.

Applicants must provide proof of a monthly income of €2,540 or at least €30,472 in their bank account to qualify, and pay an upfront administrative fee. A bonus of this visa is that you won’t have to pay any additional income tax.


Building a reputation as a digital-first nation, Estonia was first out of the traps with its digital nomad visa in 2020, offering temporary residency of up to one year. However, those that stay beyond 183 days will be considered Estonian tax residents.

This visa requires a monthly income of €4,500, and there’s a fee of up to €100 for the application. Long-term professional visitors to Estonia can expect to find a thriving start-up scene, a low cost of living and a breath of fresh air in a country known for its clean air and forestation.


The Mediterranean island with English as an official language, Malta has been attracting international professionals with a simple enough process for the nomad residence permit.

Applicants fill out a form and submit it by email, along with all their relevant documentation and a letter of intent clearly stating their motivations for moving to Malta. If successful, they will be awarded a one-year renewable permit within 30 working days. To qualify, you’ll need a minimum gross yearly income of €32,400, and there’s an administrative fee of €300.


Spain’s one-year digital nomad visa can be renewed for up to five years, should you really acquire a taste for remote life. To qualify, you’ll need to have been in your job for at least three months and earning at least 200% of the monthly Spanish national minimum wage, which is about €2,479 per month.

Applicants also must have health insurance to qualify. And wherever you land in Spain, you’ll find a relatively low cost of living compared to similarly popular European destinations.

Thinking of satisfying your wanderlust with a long-term stay in a digital nomad destination? Check out some of these remote roles that will allow you that opportunity or discover plenty more on the House of Talent Job Board.

Software Architect Consultant, Guidewire Software

Guideware supports the digital transformation of the insurance industry through its cloud platform, providing analytics, AI and other digital services to more than 450 insurers. The company is currently looking for a German or French-speaking Software Architect Consultant for this remote role. This experienced hire will work with client teams across Europe, helping them to implement Guidewire’s technologies.

Senior Backend Engineer – Search, Zalando

Zalando’s e-commerce platform serves more than 49 million customers across 23 countries, and it needs a Senior Backend Engineer to help take its search systems to the next level. Zalando offers a hybrid working model with more than half of the week spent working remotely, and the opportunity to work from abroad for up to 30 working days per calendar year. This role presents a chance to use Berlin as a launchpad to explore more of Europe and its digital nomad opportunities.

IT Consultant Business Analyst, Accenture

Accenture is looking for an IT Consultant Business Analyst to join its Cloud Technology Studios to advise clients across a range of sectors. As well as offering flexibility on working times, this role is open to candidates who prefer to work remotely, provided they can manage to make regular meetings at the Kaiserslautern office in southwest Germany.

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