What’s in store at VB Transform: Embracing the generative AI revolution July 11 + 12

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Generative AI is freshly democratized in the wake of OpenAI’s public release of ChatGPT, and all the possibilities it holds. Right now the question for enterprises isn’t why it should be embraced, but how it can be embraced – and how can its challenges be mitigated and its potential turned to business transformation? That’s the driving force behind VentureBeat’s flagship event, VB Transform: “Get Ahead of the Generative AI Revolution.” 

It’s just around the corner, happening July 11 and 12 in San Francisco. There’s still time to register, and take advantage of two days worth of networking, deal-making, learning, actionable insights and exploration of the possibilities that gen AI holds. 

Here’s a look at what to expect – and why this event is essential for business leaders who understand the competitive advantage that generative AI will provide over the coming year and beyond.

Network with industry leaders

More than one big deal’s been made on the floor of VB Transform. That’s because the attendees are what set VB Transform apart as a place to network and make connections. You’ll meet executive leaders from some of the biggest companies in the world who are grappling with generative AI or are ahead of the curve, and have real-world stories to share. You’ll get in the room with decision-makers from Walmart, McDonald’s, Wells Fargo, Hyatt, Kaiser Permanente, Mastercard, Intuit, Citi and many more, and pave the way for sharing, collaboration and potential partnerships. 

Showcase and Innovation Alley

The biggest companies – cough, Google, Microsoft, and Meta, cough – get the biggest headlines and the lion’s share of attention, but it’s the emerging businesses that are truly disrupting the industry with innovative technology, new ways of looking at familiar AI use cases and more. VB Transform celebrates these emerging leaders in the Showcase and Innovation Alley. In the Showcase, ten disruptive companies will compete for the chance to present their innovative AI products to an expert panel. Innovation Alley offers an opportunity for attendees to explore the cutting-edge products of AI innovators, share ideas and more. 

Invitation-only roundtables

This year features 10 invitation-only roundtables over two days at Transform. Each hour-long conversation brings together no more than 20 participants, for intimate and frank conversations about some of the most critical gen AI considerations today. 

These discussions will tackle every angle of the generative AI puzzle. Attendees can join conversations that range from the future of content creation, design and imagery, to generative AI for customer service and the need for (or need to ditch) prompt engineering. Or gain insight into how the C-suite views generative AI; how to tackle governance, risk and compliance; ways to prevent and fend off cyberattacks and more. Each roundtable, hosted by one of VentureBeat’s subject matter experts, will dig deep into each topic, to encourage meaningful exchanges of knowledge, experience and insights with fellow industry executives. 

Leaders of gen AI session

The key to enterprise-ready generative AI lies in the hands of the current generative AI pioneers across industries. To open the conference, VB Founder and CEO Matt Marshall will welcome to the stage some of the biggest hitters in the industry today, including Gerrit Kazmaier, VP & GM for database, data analytics and Looker at Google, and Matt Wood, VP of product at AWS. 

During the panel, “How to Leverage Generative AI for Enterprise Success: Exclusive Insights and Advice from the Leaders of Gen AI,” they’ll take the audience through the most promising applications and use cases afforded by generative AI, what enterprises need to do to embrace these opportunities, and most importantly, the ways they can proactively minimize risks, safeguard proprietary data and maintain privacy. They’ll delve into challenges and opportunities presented by both closed and open-source large language models (LLMs), as well as what to consider regarding emerging strategies and technologies that allow generative AI breakthroughs.

A wealth of knowledge and the AI Awards

Over two days, you’ll find 76 content sessions and 72 speakers, diving into all the most crucial aspects of generative AI, with case studies, insights, and actionable strategies, and you’ll leave with a gen AI blueprint for your own business. 

Plus, you’ll meet the outstanding leaders in the field of AI at the AI Awards dinner, which recognizes their contributions to the progress of generative AI innovation across industries. 

Tickets are limited, and selling fast – don’t miss the premier event for leaders aiming to successfully navigate the generative AI revolution, connect with industry experts, learn from renowned executives, explore cutting-edge AI solutions, and gain valuable insights into the transformative potential of generative AI technologies. 

Register now for VB Transform on July 11 and 12 in San Francisco!


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