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Link-in-bio company Linktree is now offering features for creators to integrate their Threads account into their profile. With this roll-out, users can add a link to their Threads profile on their Linktree with a social icon. They can also show off some of their posts.

The company said that free users will have to pick and choose the posts to embed on their pages. However, in the coming days, Linktree Pro users will be able to include an embed that fetches their latest Threads posts automatically.

Linktree cited the ongoing saga of Twitter’s rebranding to “X” and said a platform like theirs will be important to creators to maintain their audience across social networks.

“In light of recent news, such as Twitter’s shift to ‘X,’ using a platform like Linktree to direct audiences to the profiles they value most is incredibly useful. With this new integration, Linkers can keep their audience hooked by seamlessly integrating their latest Threads directly into their Linktree profile,” the company said.

Linktree is making this move as the Meta-owned app managed to gain more than 100 million users in just a few days. While analytics companies have indicated that Threads’ user numbers have dipped after the initial surge, the app has one-fifth of Twitter’s weekly user base. Linktree’s announcement comes a day after Mark Zuckerberg announced that Threads is rolling out a following feed.

Earlier this month, the Australia-based company partnered with Snap to offer all creators a way to integrate a Linktree link on their profiles. Previously, Snap allowed only Snap Stars and Brands to include a link in their bio. As part of the announcement, the link-in-bio company also offered three months of Linktree Pro to all Snapchat users.


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