Lamborghini’s new electric car concept was inspired by spaceships

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Lamborghini unveiled its first concept for an all-electric grand tourer last week, as it becomes the latest carmaker to hop on the battery-powered bandwagon.     

The Lanzador looks strikingly different to the iconic low-slung two-seaters supercars for which Lamborghini is famous. The muscular, angled look coupled with high-ground clearance makes it more of a hulky crossover than a supercar. 

The bulk is to accommodate for the large “new generation high-performance” floor-mounted battery packs which will power the car’s two electric motors. A peak output of over one megawatt (equivalent to 1,341 horsepower) will make the Lanzador the most powerful Lambo ever. 

Exactly how fast it will be is unclear at this point. The Italian carmaker is being hush-hush about details like range, battery, charging capacity, or even zero to 60mph acceleration.

What we do know is that the EV won’t just be road-legal but “a grand tourer designed for daily duties and longer journeys.” Equipped with four seats that can be moved or folded away for extra storage, you might even be able to do the school run or go grocery shopping…in a Lamborghini.  

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The Lanzador will constitut a link between Lamborghini’s supercars and its more practical SUV, the Urus. It also draws inspiration from spaceships, with the driver meant to feel like an astronaut or jet pilot when behind the wheel.

“With Lanzador we are looking into our future without forgetting our DNA,” said Stephan Winkelmann, Lamborghini’s CEO.  

“Significantly” more sensors and actuators will be integrated into the EV’s dynamic driving control to ensure the smoothest ride possible. The Lanzador’s algorithmic computer uses data to deliver a nuanced driving experience that improves over time. 


“This allows the driving character to be more precisely differentiated to the individual driver than ever before: information delivered back to the driver by intelligent sensors positioned behind the new ‘pilot’s’ glass panels mounted at the front of the car, giving a taste of future radar technology,” said Lamborghini in a statement. 

Inside the car, the driver and passenger sit in a frame-like bucket seat insulated with 3D-printed foam. The rear seats can be folded down to accommodate luggage. And there’s even a front truck that can fit a specially-made bag.

Lamborghini is also committing to more sustainable materials, with recycled nylon and plastics as well as regenerated carbon fibre adorning some of the interior. The automaker claims its leather and wool procurement is sustainable and produced using renewable energy.  

Unlike previous Lamborghini concepts, Winkelmann insists that the Lanzador is a concrete view of what’s to come. The Lanzador will be Lamborghini’s first all-electric vehicle, and will join the Revuelto, Hurcan, and Urus as the fourth model in its lineup. It is slated to enter production in 2028. 



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