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Google-owned Fitbit announced today that the company will introduce a new app with a refreshed design over the next few months. Fitbit said that it will start testing the new app in beta starting today with a select set of people.

The company noted that the new app will have a three-tab structure. A “Today” tab for a summary of a user’s activity, a “Coach” tab for health and fitness content, and a “You” tab to give users access to adjust their goals and track their progress.

The current version of the Fitbit app already has a “Today” tab. But the new app brings a refreshed design with easily glanceable stats like today’s steps, stress management, sleep score, zone minutes, and activity. Fitbit Premium users can see stats like readiness scores.

Fitbit's redesign Today tab that gives fitness summary

Image Credits: Fitbit

Fitbit is introducing a fitness, nutritional, and mindfulness content hub with the new “Coach” tab by showing curated content. Users will be able to filter workouts by equipment type. Premium users will be able to access workouts by type such as dance cardio and HIIT. In the current version of the Fitbit app, some of this content is hosted under the “Discover” tab.

Fitbit's Coach tab will show you content related to fitness, mindfulness, and nutrition

Image Credits: Fitbit

Finally, the “You” tab lets users adjust their goals for measures like steps, activity, and sleep. The “You” tab also folds in features like achievements and community.

The new Fitbit app's You tab, which allows users to change their goals and track their achievements

Image Credits: Fitbit

The company is also introducing an easy way to track your health without owning a Fitbit device. Users can measure their activities like a walk, a run, or a hike with a more precise step count and live view of the route on the map using their phones.

Fitbit said the app incorporates Google Material Design standards — an indication that users might see more of Google in the service. In April, Fitbit said that it will start prompting users to migrate to Google accounts. Google said that despite this migration, it won’t use Fitbit data for Google ads at the moment.

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