DeepMind’s new AI controls robotic tasks without specific training

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Google DeepMind has a new AI model that can direct robotic tasks it was never trained to perform.

Named RT-2, the model learns from web and robotics data. It then turns this information into simple instructions for machines.

In tests, the model was asked to take actions never seen in the robotic data, such as placing oranges in a matching bowl. To follow these commands, the system had to translate knowledge from web-based data. According to DeepMind, the model had a 62% success for these operations — double that of its predecessor, RT-1.

“Just like language models are trained on text from the web to learn general ideas and concepts, RT-2 transfers knowledge from web data to inform robot behaviour,” said Vincent Vanhoucke, head of robotics at DeepMind. “In other words, RT-2 can speak robot.”

The model was tested on various emergent robotic skills that are not present in the robotics data and require knowledge transfer from web pre-training