Chainlink (LINK) Bulls Reclaim Dominance With 16% Rally, Here’s Why

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Chainlink (LINK) is currently on an uptrend, with the bulls showing much dominance in today’s market. According to data from CoinMarketCap, LINK is up by 16.94% in the last 24 hours, emerging as one of the biggest daily gainers in the crypto market.

What’s Driving LINK’s Price Today?

According to the on-chain analytics platform Lookonchain, LINK’s price gain appears to have been triggered by some recent whale activity. 

Lookonchain reports that two whale addresses, “0xc212” and “0x86bd,” which they suspect belong to the same person, purchased $6 million worth of LINK in the early hours of Thursday.


The transaction was made by both whale addresses swapping a total of 3,074 stETH, valued at $5.87 million, and 71 ETH, valued at $136,000, for 788,877 LINK tokens.

Lookonchain noted that this whale movement immediately boosted LINK’s price by 6.5%, and the token appears to have been on an uptrend since then.

Interestingly, Lookonchain has also reported two more whale transactions on the Chainlink network in the last hour.  The analytics platform notes that the whales with the wallet address “0x0fAC” and “0x67c8” have just purchased a total of 227,281 LINK tokens valued at $1.82 million.

For now, there is no clear motive behind these whale transactions. However, LINK investors are advised to monitor the next move of these whales due to the possible effects on the market.

Chainlink has been one of the major blockchain projects in the news this week following the launch of its Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) on July 17.  

According to a blog post by the project’s management team, the CCIP protocol is expected to be accessible to developers on various testnets starting from July 20. These testnets include Arbitrim Goerli, Avalanche Fuji, Ethereum Sepolia, Optimism Goerli, and Polygon Mumbai.

LINK Price Analysis And Prediction

Analyzing the daily LINK chart, the Relative Strength Index shows the token has entered the overbought zone and is likely to reverse soon. 

This prediction is further backed by the token’s price movement, which shows that LINK is approaching a significant resistance at the $9.1 zone, which has not been broken in the last 14 months.

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If the resistance level holds strong again, LINK is likely to decline, retesting at the $5.3 price zone, which has also served as a strong support level since last year.

At the time of writing, LINK is trading at $8.02, with a 1.67% increase in the last hour. The token’s daily trading volume is also up by 62.19% and is sitting at $497.4 million. With a market cap of $4.3 billion, LINK ranks as the 21st-largest cryptocurrency. 

LINKLINK Trading At $8.058 On The Daily Chart | Source: LINKUSD Chart On

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