Binance Coin (BNB) Price Poised For A Major Breakout

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Binance Coin bulls have shown signs of sluggishness, leading to a concerning dip below the crucial $240 support level. This downward movement suggests that bearish forces may be gaining dominance in the near-term market outlook.

Currently, BNB is shaping an intriguing chart pattern known as the inverted flag. Amidst the recent market turbulence, BNB’s price has experienced a 0.2% dip in the past 24 hours and a seven-day decline of 2.1%. The coin is currently trading at $237, figures from crypto market tracker CoinGecko shows

As the former high of $261.9 seems to be a distant memory, investors are keenly observing this bearish continuation pattern and its potential implications.

Source: Coingecko

Understanding BNB’s Inverted Flag Pattern

The inverted flag pattern is a technical chart pattern that signals a potential downtrend continuation. It is formed when a sharp decline in the price of an asset (the flagpole) is followed by a brief period of consolidation, represented by a downward-sloping channel (the flag).

This pattern suggests that the price will likely break the lower support trendline after a temporary relief rally and continue its downward trajectory.

With a loss of 2.0% in the last week, the BNB price is approaching the lower support trendline of the inverted flag pattern. As BNB’s bearish continuation pattern takes hold, the chances of the price breaking this dynamic support become more significant. A daily candle closing below this trendline would signal a strong possibility of the downward trend resuming.

BNB market cap currently at $36.5 billion. Chart:

Binance Coin: Potential Reversal At Support

However, there is hope for BNB holders as signs of a potential reversal emerge. If the coin price shows resilience and starts to rebound at the bottom support trendline, it would indicate that buyers are actively defending this critical level. 

Such a reversal could prolong the ongoing relief rally and push the BNB price back toward the overhead trendline, currently sitting near $265. A bullish breakout from this resistance could invalidate the bearish thesis and trigger a sustainable recovery for BNB.


BNB price action in the last 24 hours. Source: CoinMarketCap

Investors should exercise caution as the inverted flag pattern unfolds and closely monitor the price action around the lower support trendline. A confirmed break below this level would confirm the bearish continuation pattern, prompting some investors to consider cutting their losses or adopting a defensive stance.

On the other hand, a clear rebound from the support could present a buying opportunity for those anticipating a reversal.

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