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An adenomatous polyp is able to develop in the epithelium of the uterus (as a benign neoplasm from muscle tissues), the stomach (as a benign formation from muscle / connective / fibrous tissues). In medical Viagra practice, the most frequent cases of the development of polyposis in the rectum are recorded. The disease is manifested by an uncontrolled increase in the growth of outer cell tissue. The neoplasm consists of connective fibers, rapidly increases in size and begins to interfere with the normal functioning of a person.

The size of the polyp can vary (the minimum size is 0.5 centimeters). tubular polyp. It is the most common form of the disease.

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Sildenafil pills benign tumor that rarely develops into a malignant tumor. Maximum size: 1 centimeter. Tactile characteristic: soft aboutrazovanie with a bumpy surface. The color corresponds to the color of the epithelial tissue. Tubular-villous. Maximum size: 3 centimeters. More often it develops into a malignant tumor. It affects both the area of ​​the large intestine and the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

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Tactile characteristic: bumpy dense formation. The color corresponds to the color of the epithelial tissue. Villous. Able to develop simultaneously in the uterus and large intestine. Tactile sensations: bumpy formation (shaped like a cauliflower) with processes that are attached to each other. When injured, the polyp bleeds. Pink colour.


Quantitative classification. Statistics show that the number of people with polyposis (genetic and acquired) is increasing every year. The age at which this disease is diagnosed, on the contrary, is getting smaller. Experts note that the start of abnormal growth falls on youth (16 years old), the main manifestations become noticeable by the age of viagra. The most frequent lethal cases (in the absence of qualified medical care) were recorded in patients aged 40 years. There have been cases of genetic manifestations of adenomatous polyposis in children aged 1 to 8 years.


It should be noted that the formation of sildenafil 100mg cancerous tumor is possible in such cases: the size of the neoplasm exceeds one centimeter; the surface of the neoplasm is covered with villi; the growth of a neoplasm to an abnormal size, the acquisition of a certain shape. Polyps in the colon develop asymptomatically, and as they grow, they are more likely to be disturbed by pain in the abdomen and during bowel movements of a person.

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A feature of adenomatous polyposis is the absence of pronounced symptoms and manifestations. The polyp brings discomfort to the patient only in exceptional cases. The only qualitative and effective method of diagnosing the disease is preventive examinations.


Feeling of viagra pills, discomfort during defecation (perhaps the tumor was injured during defecation). Pain in the rectum/abdomen. Malfunctions of the gastrointestinal tract: intestinal dysfunction, dysbacteriosis, constipation, diarrhea, and so on. Rare bleeding of the rectum. Characterized by a pink hue of blood. Mucous discharge from the rectum. Mucus secretion is a normal response of glandular cells to malignant cells. It is possible to secrete mucus in the amount of 2 liters per day. General deterioration, a sharp decrease in activity, fatigue. Dehydration, exhaustion. blanching of the epithelium.

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The development of accompanying diseases against the background of weakened immunity. One of the easiest and fastest ways to diagnose an adenomatous polyp is palpation. The examination is performed on the basis of patient complaints by a qualified specialist. Diagnostics includes:

Children 5-14

This diagnostic method is the most painful, but informative. Colonoscopy requires specialized equipment and trained professionals. The doctor inserts a special lighted probe into the patient's anus. The path of the probe is displayed on the monitor. In this case, the doctor receives the most informative and accurate picture of the disease. Diagnostics is good because the data obtained during the manipulations refer to the entire intestine, and not to a separate zone. Colonoscopy allows you to take an element of the colon for histological diagnosis (the nature of the tissue is determined).

The procedure is similar to a colonoscopy. The only difference is that the examined area is about 30 centimeters. It is acceptable to take a sample for histological diagnosis. Computed / magnetic resonance imaging. Before proceeding with MRI or CT, the patient is given an enema / laxative / micro enema with a special staining substance (when viewing the MRI results, the required areas will be highlighted in a certain color). Adenomatous polyps of the colon develop against the background of an unhealthy lifestyle, genetic predisposition, with frequent constipation.

Violation of the function of regeneration of the walls of the colon. The epithelium does not have time to recover and be cleansed of dead cells. The genetic predisposition of the organism. Irrational and unbalanced nutrition. Lack of fiber in the diet, too much consumption of protein, fatty and carbohydrate foods. Prolonged and frequent stagnation of feces. Lack of balanced physical activity.

Adults 24+


Possible complications and consequences. Development of obstruction of the colon. Anemia. General deterioration of the body. Decreased protective function of immunity, development of accompanyingdiseases. Formation of malignant tumors (development from benign).